Resilience Education Team,
 School/Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University

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 For Students of School/Graduate School of Engineering
 The School/Graduate School of Engineering of Osaka University have established a counseling room for students of School/Graduate School of Engineering. The counseling room is available for students who have any problems in their student life, such as study, research, human relations, etc., or for students whofeel gloomy. Of course, we keep your personal information strictly. If necessary, we can collaborate with related departments (Student Support Affairs Section of School/Graduate School of Engineering, etc.) with your approval.

The Student Counseling Room for all students at Osaka University is also located at the Health and Counseling Center, and we collaborate with them when necessary so that students can have a pleasant campus life. Please feel free to use it.

* If you have any friends who are interested in our counseling room, please let them know.
* Two counselors (male and female) are available for consultation. Conversation in English is also available (female counselor).

Counseling & Consulting Room in School/Graduate School of Engineering
Kazumasa NEGISHI

Place: Room 401, U1E Building  
Phone: 06-6879-7527 (direct)

The direct translation of the word “resilience” means the ability to recover (from illness, misfortune, threat, difficulty, hardship, trauma, etc.) and the ability to bounce back.
It is used to mean "the ability to adapt well" or "the process of adapting well”.
Resilience is an ability that everyone has. A person whose heart is broken due to various things is a person whose resilience has declined.
In order to help these people regain their resilience, we incorporated this word into the name of the Student Counseling Room.

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